Friday, October 15, 2010

The Big J.C. and You!

And Christ looked upon his disciples and said "For when I come back to this earth, I will appear to the followers of our Lord and my Father in every day house hold items and food. Amen."

Now obviously the above line was never in any sort of holy text or anything like that but according to today's society it might as well have been. So let me take this moment to site the latest of these silly Jesus sightings, you can find it here:,0,1008231.story. Not only does this story deserve a nice hardy-har-har but the title does as well.......Tree-sus.....freakin' Tree-sus!!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not making fun of a person for having faith. In my eyes, faith can be a very powerful thing but when exactly does one's faith become so overwhelming that they are in fact delusioning themselves into believing that Christ has actually appeared to them in the form of a grilled cheese sandwich?

It would seem that any given outline of a robed figure or shape that resembles a bearded face with long hair that appears in wacky inanimate objects automatically qualifies as Jesus. What if it was a long lost family member? Imagine the disappointment of uncle Skip when you see him in the afterlife and he tells you this huge story about how he appeared to you to tell you some of life's biggest secrets only to have you ignore his presence because you were too busy celebrating the idea that it was Jesus. Or, maybe it is Satan *gasp* pulling over an Ashton Kutcher and "Punking" your ass, oh snap! I can't even begin to comprehend the amount of laughs he is having on these people. On the flip side of this, what if indeed it is Jesus?? What kind of story are you going to come up with to justify your eagerness to sell him on Ebay? It would be awfully apparent at that time to The Big J.C. that your "faith" and "devotion" could be easily sold for $30, what do you say then? Would it help the matter if you had your shipping material blessed at the local church? Also, out of all things, why is it that Jesus seems to only want to make his appearance in mostly food items (examples below)? These are some tough questions and the world may never know the answers........

Doing a google search you can find Jesus in all kinds of wacky things, these are some of my favorites:

Cheeto Jesus.

Coffee Jesus.

Frying Pan Jesus.

Grilled Cheese Jesus.

Icecream Jesus.

Leaf Jesus.

Pancake Jesus.

Potsticker Jesus.

Now you may not have the same or agree with my religious views, but with goofy people making national news headlines by finding Christ in a pee stain on their child's bed sheets, it sometimes is no wonder that folks are turning from organized religion and finding God on their own terms.

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