Friday, September 24, 2010

Interview Series pt. duex

The time came and as the opening band started breaking shit down, I found someone or anyone that would help hoist me over their shoulders so I could crowd surf my way into oblivion. I never thought that person would end up by being one of my closest friends to this day. Every time I would get up onto the crowd and start my slow moving venture to the front of the small sea of people I was laying down on, get tossed over the rail like a rag doll, get up and run half crazed back into the massive sweat filled audience that was there it was the same guy I found that would help me get back up. Half smile on his face and hair resembling Wayne Static, he would hurl me up as hard as he could. I didn’t even know at the time that he went to the same high school that I did but once I saw him in the hallway, I knew that we would end up being pretty damn good friends. Fortunately for me, I was right. He is a fellow that I can easily say that I love in a brotherly way. I can’t even count how many concerts we’ve been to or how many times I have gotten drunk with the man……..Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Mike Guymon…….

1. How is life treating you thus far Mr. Guymon?
Life is good.

2. I just realized that its been about 12 years now that we have known each other. Can you believe that shit??
Silly it is, 12 yrs is a long time, most people I come to know are salt and pepper here and there throughout my time. But you have survived the testing phase aka put up with my b.s.

3. So you and your brother look nothing alike, have you uncovered any information about the obvious adoption conspiracy?
Seriously right?? I have looked and looked. Of course my parents wouldn't say anything, but it would be a sigh of relief. I even went through all of the photo albums in my house and there seems to be a space of 3 -5 yrs from birth where there are not pics......But if you meet my parents\brother and meet me - its obvious. But I do think at times my interest in the adoption is from not following my parents path like they wanted me to - but that took a few years of deprogramming and such.

4. What are you listening to these days?
Soilwork has once again won my ears, but The Hush Sound has captivated my heart at the moment...even though I am falling into a time of not listening to music. I tend to burn myself out from addiction to certain sounds, once that need has been met I look for the next sound that feeds the soul. But that is only feed well by Black Dahlia Murder.

5. You have been planted firmly in the Canton area for quite some time now, why the hell don’t you move to Peoria so you can be closer?
Yeah , Canton is unique, but I feel more at home in Peoria, to many big trucks and people that think mud tires make them special....Maybe I am jealous. I feel the need to move back, in time. Maybe in 9 months. I do love the nature aspect of Canton but not the people who trash it or kill squirrels because they think it is funny and natural. Can I say neanderthalic....?

6. When did you first learn about Reiki? What drew you to it?
I came into Reiki in 2002, I met a lady who offered instruction into Reiki - over the scope of 5 yrs I completed the courses and so on. Which is why I offer it now as well. I was drawn to Reiki as a result of exploring Taoist Yoga , Esoteric research and Meditation. Most of the eastern concepts had 1 thing in common - Chi\universal energy . All of us have it running through us, it's what makes us tick. It also influences all Life, Health, Awareness and such. During the search and practice of these personal development\healing modalities I began meeting people who had practiced or taught similar techniques and we became very good friends and in turn, me learning a lot of neat stuff. One of those people ended up being a Reiki teacher and it just clicked and felt right and has ever since. I dig it.

7. For those that don’t know, give us some information on Reiki.
Reiki is a generic term that means universal healing energy. Its a simple method of relaxation and healing through light energetic touch. It came about in the early 1900 but has surfaced throughout history as far back as 5000 yrs ago. Our bodies as well as everything else consists of atoms that spin in a unique way, when those patterns become slowed down or irregular, obstructions begin to form in the body and can move into illness. Reiki restores that natural balance by offering a healing response.

8. You have gone back to school (something I wish I could do full time), what are you going back for?
Massage Therapy, I had a thing for it back in the day but didn't have the state of mind needed to fulfill that desire at that time in my life. Now I do and I love it, I enjoy biology\anatomy and all that fun information of how the body functions.

9. How much alcohol do you think me, you and Terry Hanson drank on the morning/day of my 21st?
Shit son, if I recall it right - we had a bottle of Captain, Cyclone( which is horrible) and some beer. All I know is it looked like egg drop soup regurgitated. But that's how you learn - regardless...good times!

10. When I first met you, you were not a smoker. When you would see either, myself, Mr. Hanson, or someone else we knew smoking you would punch us in the chest mid drag. Flash forward a few years and you are now a smoker yourself. Seriously, what the fuck man?
I knew no other way to test out my Kung Fu, so I used the excuse of not liking smokes to test it out......But honestly that was B.S. of me, my bad. You get something in your head so much, that when you loose it you look at yourself with a large WTF and a side of assness. Is that not what we commonly call Karma? Or maybe I was jealous and had no way to communicate it.....Yep still B.S.

11. We used to party up near Bradley a ton with one Mr. Frank Bono, gimme a good party story.
Hmmmmm...One day I was partaking of drinks with Frank, at this point i could easily kill a 30 pack and function. Frank had this little Korean girl over and through conversation and some drinking games she said she could out drink me( mind you this was 4 or 5 in the noon area). So I opted to explain to her that being short must mean you have a hard tom getting good oxygen to your brain since you wall around in farts all day. Needless to say it was on like donkey kong. Lots of drinks were had including a a few pitchers, bottle of Rumpelmints, a few shots of 151 and I remember some blue tarantula tequila. Well , the keg went dry and we went home. I recall going to bed and that is it at Franks Apt. I awoke a few hrs later in a suitcase (mind you im just shy of 6"6) with my belt wrapped around my hand and my spinner belt buckle like a brass knuckle...Next to a comfy bead with pillows and covers..........

12. I hear that you have passed out in a suitcase. I myself enjoy bathtubs or outside open fields. How did the suitcase treat you?
I kinda just answered this (above). Well it was small, not the nice travel ones that I could of fit in. I defended my comfort with a spinner rim brass knuckle swearing that if anyone took my belt I would kick there ass. Hence, suitcase boy.

13. You once dated a chick that looked identical to Avril Lavigne. Honestly she was quite possibly one of the dumbest chicks I have ever met in my life. I am talking actual intelligence here, other than that she was a nice person. How did you put up with this?
Apparently I do not know the term dating in its true context, if you hang out with someone off and on for 2 weeks, that is dating? (I know another guy that I've known for years, he actually "Dated" her for 6 months... 6 months!, (2 weeks-6 months-2 weeks wtf!) but I digress - I didn't put up with it, as you can see in the last 12 yrs. But that was silly - pretty lady with big ears and not so much smarts. But what can I say? Sometimes you just take a gamble on the dumb ones cause there rich.....JK....For Cereal.

14. I have grabbed your snot and tasted your boogers off of the top of a 40oz. Is there anything else that you did to me and I didn’t know about that you now want to confess?
What, you think I'm going to confess now? The only reason you and Terry even found out was because I ran out of supplies before you came in. But I cant really think of anything better than getting 2 of my buds to eat one of my boogers, and lick it. Even though it did come back. But I have never laughed so hard in my life if that makes you feel better.

15. You currently spin fire on occasion. How did you learn this art and how much shit did you burn before you got the hang of it?
A gentleman I know named Joe picked it up, asked me if I wanted to learn, he taught me the basics and I ran with it from there. I never really burned myself. Here and there I would loose a eyelash or arm hair but that's about it. Only when I would do more techy stuff did I get my first 2-3rd degree burn on my hand, while everyone watched terrified and didn't help, I learned to be mindful of who safetys me.

16. What is your all time favorite movie?
It is a gamble between, Matrix, Kill BIll and Goldmember, I do remember enjoying chicken go cluck cluck, cow go moo!

17. This is your time, anything you want to say?
Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't. Almond Joy has nuts, Mounds don't!

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